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Can you name the somewhat major characters who were killed in 'A Song of Ice and Fire' (Spoiler Alert!)?

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what happenedVictimbook
Convicted of Treason and BeheadedA Game of Thrones
Murdered at his uncle's wedding by House Frey and Roose BoltonA Storm of Swords
Murdered by the 'Shadow of Stannis'A Clash of Kings
'Crowned' by Drogo with molten gold coinsA Game of Thrones
Poisoned at his own wedding, by yet unconfirmed killerA Storm of Swords
'King of the Iron Islands and the North', suffered a fatal 'fall'A Storm of Swords
Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, killed in a mutinyA Storm of Swords
Dothraki Leader, euthanised by his wife.A Game of Thrones
Also killed at the Red Wedding, but resurrected by Beric DondarrionA Storm of Swords
what happenedVictimbook
Killed by Tyrion with a Crossbow while on the privyA Storm of Swords
Killed in Trial by Battle, as Tyrion's champion, by Gregor Clegane,A Storm of Swords
Died of illness while at sea with SamwellA Feast For Crows
Shoved out the 'Moon Door' by her husbandA Storm of Swords
Fatally wounded by a giant boarA Game of Thrones
Burnt to death by Rhaegal, extra crispyA Dance With Dragons
Murdered by The Spider, 'for the realm'A Dance With Dragons
Member of the Kingsguard, killed by Areo Hotah during a lapse in judgementA Feast for Crows

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