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Can you name the Chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

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Very first chapter....
Harry read 'Albus Dumbledore Remembered'
Harry Farewells his Aunt and Uncle forever...
Possibly the most exciting chapter in the novel. Harry leaves Privet Drive
An Auror dies.
The Trio discuss their plans...
The Trio are visited by the Minister to discuss a little something...
Bill and Fleur
The Trio depart and being their 'quest'
Back in Grimmauld place the trio discuss the locket with someone...
Mundungus is brought to Grimmauld Place
Ministry Break-in!
The trio finds Umbridge trailing a certain group of 'Witches and Wizards'
First of many many camping scenes
While in the tent Harry hears someone outside...
After Ron's 'departure' Harry and Hermione go off on their own
Harry and Hermione meet someone they would have been better off to avoid...
Old Rita Skeeter's written a book...
Ron Returns
The Deathly Hallows are first mentioned
Hermione reads the others a little story
And the plot thickens....
The Trio are captured and Hermione is tortured
at Shell Cottage, Harry speaks to someone and discovers that something may actually exsist....
And the trio hang around the house for a bit longer...
The Second 'Break-in'
Harry has a very significant look into Voldemorts mind...
The Trio go to Hogsmede and have a little chat with Aberforth
The Trio return to Hogwarts and get a good idea of whats hidden there...
Someone has 'Does a bunk...'
Voldemort attempts to master something...
We get a little insight into someones past....
Harry and Dumbledore have a nice old chat
Harry Defeats the Dark Lord

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