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The only one GodA
A muslim dont cut itB
Giving money to poorC
evil person who will be blind in his right eye and will emerge near the time of Qiyaamah claiming to be The Masih (Messiah)D
Not eating during RamadanF
This is like a pearl or diamond in IslamG
Muslim girl wear thisH
Thank you in arabicJ
It means 'cube' and this is build by prophet Ibraheem and IsmailK
Night in arabicL
Last prophetM
ClueAnswerStart at
A veil cover the whole face and leave a whole for eyesN
Companion of prophetO
Salam meansP
Direction where muslim prayQ
3rd month in muslim calendarR
Doctrine of Oneness GodT
Hijab is a ___________V
Cleaning body before to prayW
Region in China with a high muslim populationX
It means OhY
12 month at Islamic calendarZ

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