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Keystone of Henry Clay's campaign: tariff, national bank, internal improvements. South disliked; West supported.
Jackson vs. Clay. Clay challenged Jackson by passing a Bank recharter bill, but Jackson vetoed it and won the reelection.
President with a laissez-faire policy. Panic of 1837 took place during his time.
In 1846, David Wilmot proposed that all territories acquired from Mexico be free of slavery. This split Democrats by region.
Jackson’s unofficial advisors were collectively called this
A debate between Daniel Webster and Robert Hayne. Webster attacked the idea that any state could defy or leave the Union. Jackson said that the Union must be preserved.
Writer with dark, macabre themes. Creator of the detective story. Had a major influence on symbolism and surrealism.
A figure associated with mental hospitals
Bank of England cut the flow of money to the US; price of cotton collapses, banks fail, 4 year depression ensues. Unions crippled, but gain legal recognition.
Last of the Notables; unpopular president. Protective tarrifs, including Tariff of Abominations.
The author of Moby Dick (1855), which reflected on the theological and cultural conflicts of the era.
Whig leader who negotiated an end to the Maine boundary dispute in 1842.
Under President Pierce; bought a small amount of land for the construction of a railroad for $10 million. Present day New Mexico and Arizona.
President of the BUS. Jackson was suspicious that he was abusing the powers of the bank and favoring the wealthy.
Practice of dispersing government jobs in return for party loyalty; called this because it promoted government corruption
'Anyone but Jackson' party. Liked American System, Benevolent Empire. Consisted of NE, Mid/NW, middle-class
Clay arranged for Adams to win and was then chosen to be secretary of state. Accusations of a secret deal arose.
Prohibited discussions about abolition in Congress.
Won the Election of 1844; signified expansion – promised to annex Texas, resolved the Oregon border dispute (54 40 or fight), and acquired California.
Marshall: laws of Georgia have no force within Cherokee nation boundaries. Jackson then moves to force Indians west.
President Polk ordered him to occupy disputed lands with 2000 soldiers. Won the Mexican American War, later became president in 1848.
Wrote The Scarlet Letter (1850) in which he questioned the intolerance and conformity in American life.
“Tippecanoe and Tyler too”, “log cabin and hard cider” campaign. Van Buren vs Harrison, Harrison wins
New democracy: campaigns, male suffrage, spoils system, rotation of office, rise of common man, two party system, nominating convetions, popular mandate.
Influential figure in public education
Skeptical Congressman Lincoln demanded to know the precise locations where Mexicans had shed American blood upon American soil.
Pro-slavery, wrote the Doctrine of Nullification and South Carolina Exposition and Protest, supported state’s rights. His views were very different from Jackson’s.
Passed by John Quincy Adams. Tax on imported manufactured goods and raw materials. Hugely unpopular.
Vetoed a bill proposed building a road in Kentucky. Van Buren pointed out that federal governments could not pay for internal improvements.
Demonstrated that a contract could be broken to benefit general welfare; suggested that a state could cancel grant money if grant ceased to be in interest of community.
Required payment for land with gold and silver. It devalued paper currency, moved wealth westward, caused the Bank War. Carried out by Jackson.
Made in 1828 following the Tariff of Abominations. Written anonymously by Calhoun, declared that the tariff was unconstitutional.
US pays $15 million for CA and NM and $3.5 million of Mexican debt. Resolved Mexican-American war.
Largely ineffective as president; refused to enact Whig policies and annexes Texas in his last week of presidency.
Aroostook War: boundary dispute. Disputed territory was split between Maine and Canada. Also settled boundary of Minnesota
Sent by Polk to Mexico to negotiate Texas independence and purchase of California and New Mexico. Expected to fail.
Martin Van Buren wins; Jackson supported him; he was blamed for the Panic of 1837 instead of Andrew Jackson

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