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Devised by William Patterson. All states should have equal representation (one vote; unicameral)
Hamilton, Madison and Jay wrote essays on political theory. Stressed need for strong national government.
French spies request bribes from Americans for negotations. Americans very insulted.
Economic genius that wrote for the Federalist Papers. Secretary of Treasury. Had a 3-part plan to build American credit.
Set a precedent. Secretaries of State, Treasury, and War, and an Attorney General
Supported a strong national government and ratification of the Constitution.
Upset farmers in Massachusetts attacked courts due to unfair taxes. State militia put the rebellion down.
Determined how western land would be sold. Some would be sold to pay for public education.
A compromise between two plans. Bicameral: House of Representatives (population) and Senate (2 per state).
Hamilton taxed whiskey, which lowered demand. A few farmers in Pennsylvania rebel; were all curb-stomped by Washington.
Made 13 district courts, 3 circuit courts, and Supreme Court most powerful
Opposed the Constitution. Fearful of loss of state sovereignty.
Ended the undeclared war between France and US. Treaty with France was drafted, stating end of any US alliance with foreign countries.
Retiring president warned Americans not to get involved with European affair, make permanent alliances, and form political parties.
Determined how territories would gain statehood. Prohibited slavery in NW.
Washington's vice president and a Federalist.
Supported larger states with its bicameral legislature (representation by population). Suggested by Madison.
British seized ships bound for France. Promised to leave forts in NW. US promised to pay prewar debts. Maintained neutrality.
Ruled that midnight-appointee Marbury had the right to his commission according to the Judiciary Act, which was later declared unconstitutional.
Spain agreed to open the lower Mississippi River and New Orleans to American trade.
Because states had entered into a contract in forming the national govt, a state could nullify the federal law if the govt broke the compact.
A change from Adams' Federalist control to Democratic-Republic control (Jefferson).
Dangerous foreigners can be deported. Fined/imprisoned those who criticized the government.

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