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The founder of Quebec. He joined the Hurons in a raid against the Iroquois to ensure French access to western fur trade.
Five people were killed in this brawl that started when guards fired into a crowd of colonists.
A New England merchant that smuggled goods.
General Gage, the commander of British troops in Boston, seized colonial military supplies in Concord. Militia of Lexington assembled to fight back.
Recognizing the need for coordinated self-defense, the British government called for representatives from several colonies to meet in Albany.
Established Roman Catholicism as official religion of Quebec, set up government, and extended boundary to Ohio River
Britain prohibited colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Wrote Common Sense, which argued for independent colonies
The prime minister of Britan; his military strategy was to focus on conquering Canada
Response to the Boston Tea Party. Closed ports, increased power of royal governor, expanded Quartering Act
Ordered that new duties be collected on colonial imports of tea, glass, and paper. Can search homes for smuggled goods. Suspended NY assembly.
Deist and epitome of Enlightenment. Wrote Poor Richard's Almanac
Advocated that a nation should export more than it imports
John Adams' radical cousin who organized committees that exchanged letters about suspicious British activities.
Response to the Tea Act. Bostonians disguised themselves, boarded British ships and dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor.
The King of England
Placed duties on foreign sugar and certain luxuries.
Chief Pontiac led this attack on colonial settlements in the west out of anger at the growing movement of settlers.
Belief that a member of Parliament virtually represented every person in the colonies, so there was no need for specific representation.
After Parliament repealed the Stamp Act, it issued this act that asserted that it had the right to tax and make laws for the colonies 'in all cases whatsoever'.
King George III's chancellor of the treasury and prime minister. He proposed many acts such as the Currency Act (1764).
Turning point for Americans. Victory persuaded Francve to join the war against Britain
Tried to raise funds for British military forces by requiring colonies to put stamps on almost all printed papers.
Delegates wrote this to pledge loyalty to King George III and ask him to persuade Parliament to secure colonial rights and peace.
Initiated by Samuel Adams. It spread the idea that British officials were conspiring against colonial liberties.
Peace treaty. Britain gets Canada and Florida. France gives Spain Louisiana and claims west of Mississippi River in compensation.
A colonial militia of Massachusetts fortified this ... hill; British forces attacked colonies
Colonists were required to provide food and shelter for British soldiers.
Last majoy battle of Revolutionary War. With French help, Washington forced Cornwallis to surrender.
Infamous traitor; originally fought for Patriots but switched sides
Britain recognizes US as an independent nation. Mississippi River would be western boundary. Americans get fishing rights, but have to pay debts owed to British merchants.

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