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The fourth president of the US. Led the nation in the War of 1812. Helped develop Democratic-Republican party.
Hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe (1811). The ninth president.
Shawnee chief Blue Jacket's Native Americans were defeated by US army. Dashed Natives' hopes of keeping land north of Ohio River.
America and Great Britain agreed to set a limit on the number of naval vessels each could have on the Great Lakes.
Forbids Europe from establishing new colonies, aggression against any territories = justification for war.
A former slave and military genius who led the revolt against Napoleon in Santo Domingo. Indirectly caused the Louisiana Purchase.
Missouri is a slave state and Maine is a free state. Anything north of latitude 36 30 will prohibit slavery.
William Henry Harrison victorious, death of Tecumseh. Indians severely weakened.
Some tried to change Dartmouth College's charter; Marshall denied that.
Hostile towards the British. Led by Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun.
Federalist-controlled Congress passed this. 16 new judgeships and 6 new circuit courts were established. Include date.
A warhawk and a leader in the House of Representatives. Supported protective tariffs and a national bank.
Jefferson bought large expanse of land from Napoleon for only $15 million. Doubled size of America and provided access to trade route.
New England wanted to secede from the union. Federalist party subsequently deemed unpatriotic.
Federalist Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Strengthened central government, established judicial review.
British attempted to capture New Orleans. Jackson defeated them and became a war hero.
Virginian Republican; fifth president. Florida, Missouri Compromise, Monroe Doctrine
Ratified in 1804. Electors had to vote separately for president and vice president.
Famed Shawnee chief and warrior who attempted to unite Indian tribes to combat threat of white settlement. Notable player in the Battle of Tippecanoe.
British fired on US warship, some killed, others impressed. Americans demanded war.
Ended the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States. Returned everything back to pre-war conditions.
Thomas Jefferson forbade Americans from shipping goods to Europe. Caused terrible economic depression. Include date.
Fraud in Georgia; Marshall concluded that a state can't pass legislation invalidating a contract.
Maryland tried to tax Bank of US; Marshall ruled state can't tax federal institution. Federal laws > state laws.
Protected US manufacturers from ruin due to domination of British goods. First protective tariff in US history.
Led exploration of lands west of Mississippi. Increased knowledge of unexplored country and strengthened US claims to Oregon territory,
Second Bank of US tightened credit; many banks closed and value of money deflated. Unemployment, bankruptcy, depression, foreclosure.
Transformative cycle of American politics in which the Federalist party declined and Madison and Monroe were elected president.
New York tried to grant monopoly to steamboat company. Marshall gave federal government control of interstate commerce.

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