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He advocated social securities plans, which led to the SSA.
He directed FERA and distributed around $1 billion through it.
This act guaranteed a worker’s right to join a union, and a union’s right to bargain collectively. Outlawed unfair business practices.
A group of veterans marched to Washington to demand their bonuses. Hoover chased them out.
Required countries to pay cash and provide their own transport for any war munitions from the US.
Passed in 1930, this hurt farmers and business. 50% tariff on imported goods.
“FDR decided he was the real slim shady and could do whatever the f’ he wanted, including appointing 6 additional justices to the Supreme Court. Obviously Congress was all ‘H
Anti-FDR. Share Our Wealth. Socialist. Assassinated.
Repealed the 18th amendment, ending prohibition.
Guaranteed benefits for people who were retired, unemployed, or disabled.
Led by John Lewis. It concentrated on unskilled laborers in the mining or steel industries.
A plan to loan money to Germany so they could repay their war debts.
A Catholic priest that called for inflated currency and nationalized banks. Weekly radio broadcasts.
Increased American isolationism. US wouldn’t sell munitions or give loans to belligerent countries.
Roosevelt and Churchill created this, proclaiming that self-determination and free trade were the foundation of a fascism-free world.
American forces would withdraw from Latin America to establish secure relations in the region.
Created in 1932, it gave loans to railroads and banks to prevent their collapse. Only benefited the wealthy (trickle down)
Shortened the period between presidential elections and inaugurations.
Held that deficit spending and pump priming was necessary to increase investment and create jobs.
In this meeting, Britain and France agreed to let Germany take the Sudetenland, as long as they took no more territory.
Signified shift for isolationism to interventionism. Required all American males between 21 and 35 to register for service. First peacetime draft.
Pacifying and enemy by making concessions. Ex: England and France let Hitler take the Sudetenland.
Power given to enforce the Wagner Act and make sure the rights of workers were protected.
FDR promises to lower tariffs on foreign goods if other countries lower tariffs on American goods.
This event wrecked the Japanese fleet and prevented them from gaining a stronger hold on the Pacific. The first sea battle waged by aircraft carriers that couldn’t see eachother.
Japan “accidentally” bombs an American ship in Chinese waters. Japan quickly apologized. Isolationism increased.
Commanded army units in the southern Pacific. He received Japan’s formal surrender.
Permitted Britain to borrow US war materials. 1942.
Insured individual bank deposits for up to $5000. Passed with the New Deal to prevent bank runs. Preceded the FDIC.

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