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A British passenger ship was sunk by a German U-boat in this incident.
This president encouraged businessmen to run their enterprises in a way that would benefit the public.
He was a prominent member of the prosecution in the “Monkey Trial”.
Warren Harding’s campaign promise, referring to life before WWI. He wanted to return to this.
The German government promised the US it would stop targeting passenger ships without warning. Rescinded in 1917.
The 29th president, and a Republican. He died in office.
Popular film of 1915 that depicted Reconstruction as a moral struggle between rampaging blacks and a chivalrous KKK.
In which a shoemaker and a fish peddler were arrested for robbery and murder. They were self-proclaimed anarchists, and were denied a fair trial as a result.
Would not accept the League of Nations under any circumstances. William Borah, Hiram Johnson, Robert La Follette.
This act was written to enforce prohibition. Federal agents could investigate and prosecute violators.
Wilson’s attempt at a just and lasting peace. Called for a League of Nations, among others.
Discussed the horrible sides of war, in response to WWI. Wrote A Farewell to Arms.
Wilson’s political rival and the leader of the Reservationists.
He challenged the constitutionality of a law that prohibited anything denying the Bible from being taught. Led to a controversial court case.
The Head of the Committee on Public Information. He was also a progressive muckraker.
This agreement condemned militarism and was signed by 15 nations in 1928. It was an attempt at world peace.
Harding’s Secretary of the Treasury. He wrote a tax cut that undid the wartime revenue acts.
Lawyer and leader of the American Civil Liberties Union. Represented the defendant in the “Monkey Trial”.
Headed by Bernard Baruch. It improved efficiency by setting prices and controlling the flow of raw materials.
Intercepted message from the German foreign secretary to Mexico, calling for Mexico to join the Central Powers. Created anti-German sentiment in the US.
The international peacekeeping organization proposed by the Fourteen Points. The US never joined.
1921. Restricted immigration into the US by setting limits on it.
It was passed in 1918. It forbade all anti-US or anti-war messages.
In 1924, government oil reserves were secretly leased without competitive building. A cabinet officer was convicted of taking thousands of dollars in bribes.
She, a public health nurse, played a major role in the public acceptance of birth control.
He wrote The Great Gatsby, criticizing the American life.
The taciturn politician who became president upon the death of the president before him. He won the 1924 election as well.
Allied leaders at the Paris Peace Conference. Included Wilson, Clemenceau, David Lloyd Geroge, and Vittorio Orlando.
1919. Ended WWI. Germany took full responsibility. The US rejected this treaty.
Passed in 1922. It aimed to promote economic nationalism, but made it difficult for other countries to repay their debts to America.
Established in 1917, it forbade mail that was anti-war.
In 1921, Britain, US, Japan, Italy, and France agreed to limit their navies in accordance to the ratio of 5:5:3:1.75:1.75.
Attorney general who initiated raids on suspected anarchists. A bomb was detonated near his townhouse.
1924. Further restricted Southern and Eastern European immigrants; prohibited immigration of Middle Easterners, East Asians, and Asian Indians.
First American writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. Strong characterizations of modern working women.
This group would only accept the treaty if it added certain reservations, such as amending Article X.
Herbert Hoover headed this division. Food rations and voluntary food conservation.
Democratic president who tried to uphold neutrality in WWI. Fourteen points.

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