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Navy officer, stressed importance of seapower.
Creator of the 'New York World', which featured yellow journalism.
A domestic policy that promoted antitrust modification, tariff revision, and reform in banking.
Established to preserve competition by preventing unfair business practices and taking action against violators of the Sherman Antitrust Act.
Describes US efforts to further foreign policy using economic power
Black progressive who took a more economic-focused stance on achieving equality.
Mexican revolutionary leader who wanted to take money from the rich and give it to the poor.
President who angered progressives with his support of Payne-Aldrich Tariff. Dollar diplomacy.
Progressive governor of Wisconsin. Advocated direct primary, railroad regulation, etc
Roosevelt; favored fair relationships between companies and people. Protect interests of common people
Magazine editor who exposed corruption of Rockefeller's Standard Oil.
Legislation; promised US wouldn't annex Cuba after the Spanish-American war
Progressive changes. Graduated income tax, direct elections, woman suffrage
Helped found the Niagara Movement and NAACP. Believed AfAms should gain full rights immediately.
Dean of Women at NW University and president of Women's Christian Temperance Union
Part of the new Cuban constitution. Authorized US intervention in Cuba.
Sought to reduce risk of war by writing the 14 Points. 'New Freedom'. Against tariffs, trusts, imperialism
Commander of American Expeditionary Force. Insisted his soldiers fight independently. Sent out to catch Pancho Villa.
Woodrow Wilson's tariff that reduced tariff duties and established the graduated income tax. Increased market competition.
Proposed by US in 1899, under which all nations could trade with China.
People can propose laws, vote on laws, and vote officials out of office. (Three terms)
Signed by Taft. Supposed to lower tariff rates. Split the Republic party into progressives and conservatives.
Leader of Filipino independence movement against Spain. Was captured by US in 1901.
New antitrust legislation to strengthen Sherman Antitrust Act.
Racist minister who linked Anglo-Saxonism to Christian missionary ideas. 'Our Country'
Roosevelt's platform during 1912 election. Accepted power of trusts, proposed stronger goverment to deal with them. Women suffrage.
Woodrow Wilson's act that promised Philippine independence, Filipino man suffrage.
Naval officer; victory at Manila Bay in Spanish-American War. Led attack on Philippines too.
These court cases decided that Puerto Rico and Philippines wouldn't have all rights.
If a South or Central American Country went into debt to a European country, US would collect and give it to them.
Publisher whose yellow journalism incited fervor for a war with the Spanish.
Created banking system with 12 reserve banks. Protects against financial panic.
Muckraker who discussed urban political corruption in his books (Tweed Days in St. Louis, The Shame of the Cities)

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