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Secret dispatch to buy Cuba. North upset because it would increase slavery. Abandoned.
Black preacher who led a slave revolt in Virgina that killed 60. Captured and hung.
Missouri slave who sued for freedom since he lived in free territory. Court decided he wasn't a citizen.
Fugitive Slave Act; CA free; TX/NM border fixed; NM/UT pop-sov; DC outlaws domestic slave trade.
Cautious Union military engineer; failed to make full-scale attacks and was dismissed.
Passed in South to keep blacks servile. Overriden by Congress w/ Freedman's Bureau and Civil Rights Act.
Escaped slave turned black abolitionist. Wrote 'Narrative of the Life of ___'.
Acted as terrorists against African Americans, among others. Democrats.
CA gold caused inflation; North devastated but South untouched. Economic chaos --> higher tariffs.
Sympathetic to south and supported pro-slavery Lecompton constitution in Bleeding Kansas. 14th president.
aka Bully Brooks. Brooks attacks Sumner with cane.
Secretary of State under Johnson and Lincoln; helped purchase Alaska and create secret police.
Frees slaves in CSA territory, kind of. Enlarges purpose of war.
Series of debates during Illinois Senatorial campaign; argued about popular sovereignty/Dred Scott case. Douglas won these.
Hardened veteran of total war. Fought for Union.
Wanted a railroad through Nebraska. Popularized popular sovereignty.
Designed to keep Union together by protecting slavery and expanding Missouri Compromise line.
Crusading abolitionist. Wrote 'The Liberator'; founded American Anti-Slavery Society in 1833.
Helped slaves escape through the Underground Railroad.
Led by John Brown. Unsuccessful raid on arsenal in Virginia.
Last Whig president. 13th president.
Passed by Congress in 1861 to pay for war. Raised tariffs.
Established by Garrison; advocated immediate abolition of slavery.
Led Pottawatomie Massacre and Harpers Ferry; executed afterwards but seen as martyr by North.
Republicans upset with Lincoln's plan and call for 50% loyalty. Lincoln pocket vetoes it.
Pro-slavery constitution for Kansas's admission to union. Rejected.
War democrat, against radical reconstruction. Lincoln's running mate in 1864.
Extreme Peace Democrats were also known as this.
'Great Pathfinder'. Assisted annexation of CA by capturing insurgents. Became first candidate for Republican party.
Ruled that a civilian cannot be tried in military courts if civil courts are available. 1866.
Welfare agency of sorts that confiscated lands from freed slaves. Success in education.
Freed black woman who fought for rights for blacks and women.
Union warship stopped a British steamer and removed two Confederate diplomats.
Southern white republicans who were mocked by many Democratic ex-Confederates.
Leader of Radical Republicans in Congress. Equality for Southern blacks.
Wrote 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. Abolitionist on moral and religious grounds.
Bloodiest day of the war. McClellan replaced; GB/France fail to help CSA. Emancipation Proclamation.
Alaska was purchased. Was called this because Alaska was not fit for farming or settlement.
Military officer who refused to command Union troops. Led Confederate troops north.
Former US secretary of war. Named president of Conderate State of America.
Forbade president from removing civil officials, including Cabinet members, without Senate approval.
Both South and Douglas want railroad; territories unorganized. Missouri Compromise repealed; territories became popular sovereignty.
White northerners that moved to South, usually middle class.
Confederate leader who marched to Shenandoah valley to threaten Washington.

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