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This court case legalized abortion.
A foreign aid program. Promoted land reform and economic development in Latin America. JFK.
A deliberate reduction of Cold War tensions.
Democratic president. His foreign policy was human rights. Lost popularity due to hostage crisis, worsening economy.
In 1970, national guardsmen fired into a crowd of students at an antiwar rally.
A conservative swing in politics. Republicans won control of the Senate for the first time since 1954.
Supply-side economics. Tax cuts would lead to increased prosperity.
Economic restructuring for the Soviet economy. Free-market practices.
The US military stopped the Vietcong's attack in South Vietnam, but it was a political disaster.
News leaked that the Reagan administration had sold antitank/antiaircraft missiles to Iran, with profits going to contras in Nicaragua.
Scandal in which some men were caught trying to bug the offices of the Dem. HQ. Wiretaps, plumbers, etc.
The secretary of state under both Nixon and Ford.
Nixon's VP, president in 1974. He pardoned Nixon. Chief concern was inflation.
Political philosophy of transferring federal powers back to the states.
The Israel prime minister, Egyptian president, and Carter met at the presidential retreat to sign an agreement.
Blank check for LBJ to protect US interests in Vietnam. Approved after alleged attacks on US warships.
Betty Friedan's novel about the unhappiness of American women.
In 1968, Lt. Calley and his platoon murdered 350 Vietnamese villagers.
OPEC instituted an embargo as revenge for US aiding Israel. Auto industry was weakened.
In 1979, Iranians held 50 members of the US embassy as hostages.
Reagan's proposal to create a laser shield to detect and absorb missiles.
Established by LBJ to investigate JFK's assassination.
This organization used tactics of the civil rights movement to promote women's rights.
Emphasized the dramatic differences between the young and the old on foreign policy.
An advocate of using black violence to counter white violence.
He was the secretary of defense under JFK and LBJ.
'Openness'. Gorbachev's policy to end political repression.
CIA-trained force attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro. Failed.
1963. 100+ nations agreed to end the testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere.
1973. Required the president to report any use of military force within 48 hours.
Republican president who supported spending cuts, deregulation, and antiunion policies.
This was constructed to prevent East Germans from fleeing to West Germany.
At these talks, US and Soviets agreed to freeze the number of ballistic missiles.
This stated that rights should not be denied because of sex. Battlefront for women's movement.
Combination of inflation and unemployment.
USSR missiles found in Cuba. Khrushchev removes them; JFK promises not to invade Cuba.

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