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In 1954, the court declared segregation laws in schools to be unconstitutional.
In this conference, it was decided that Germany would be split into four. US recognize USSR sphere of influence.
In this group, college hipsters participate in civil rights demonstrations.
This provided loans and college/vocational training for WWII veterans.
US, England, France, Canada, etc. agreed to defend eachother if one was attacked.
If one nation fell to communism, they all would.
A president's proposal for the US military forces to intervene in Middle Eastern countries on the verge of falling to communism.
Policy of providing economic and military aid to any country threatened by communism
Churches unite in this group to inform blacks about changes in the Civil Rights Movement. Successful.
LBJ's policy on ending poverty and racial injustice. Medicare, Voting Rights Act, etc.
The first artificial Earth satellite. Launched by Moscow in 1957.
Civil rights leader who refused to give up her seat on a bus.
Senator that led a national witch hunt for communism. Little did he know, communism was a red herring. :)
This highly unpopular act hindered workers. Outlawed closed shops; required cool off period.
In which a couple was executed for allegedly being Soviet Spies.
A proposal for massive economic aid to Europe to revitalize economies and prevent communism.
US foreign policy in which US tried to stop spread of communism by creating alliances and aiding weak countries.
Truman's policy. Gains for min. wage and Social Security.
Egypt wished to construct a dam on the Nile. Nasser nationalized a canal with help from the USSR.
JFK's policy. Wanted to aid education, provide health care, help migrant workers.
The second peace conference after WWII.
Ran against LBJ for the presidency. A Republican who opposed the Civil Rights Act.
This act made racial, religious, and sex discrimination by employers illegal. (Include date)
Author of the Long Telegram. Father of containment.
Southern conservative Democrats that opposed Truman's civil rights legislation. AKA State's Rights Democrats.
TV played a big part in this election. Kennedy vs Nixon.
'Separate is inequal'. He accepted cases involving civil rights and the rights of the accused.
Emerged as leeader of USSR after Stalin. Advocated reform.
Authorized construction of 42,500 miles of highway. Created gas stations, fast food outlets, motels.
A treaty organization that included the Philippines, Australia, France, UK, and US.
An investigating committeee which investigated what it considered un-American propaganda.
President during the Cuban Missile Crisis. TV helped his campaign.
In 1944, this system provided foundation for postwar economic globalization. World Bank, IMF, stable currency, free trade.
Eisenhower warned against this. Combined efforts of arms and industries would lead to excess spending.
US's response to Soviet blockade. Flew food and supplies into Western Berlin.

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