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Divided the New World between Spain and Portugal
James II combined colonies to create this. The unpopular governor Andros levies taxes and limits town meetings.
Passage from Africa to the West Indies. Full of death.
Virginia offered 50 acres of land to each immigrant who paid for his own passage and to any plantation owner that paid for an immigrant's passage.
Tribes unite under Metacom against English settlers; colonial forces win
Believed in predestination. Influenced English Protestants.
Also ignited the Great Awakening in America. Taught that God was all-powerful and would only save those who openly believed in him
Led the Puritans to Massachusetts
An English adventurer who attempted to establish Roanoke colony. Obviously he failed
Married Pocahontas. Mostly busied himself with tobacco growth.
Settlers drafted this first constitution, which established representative government.
Led Jamestown colony
In which dozens of 'witches' were killed
A military alliance formed by Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut and New Haven. Lasted until 1684
Religious fervor made a notable comeback in this movement
John Rolfe's Indian wife
Depressing sermons in which the clergy scolds you for not preserving the idealism of the founding generations
Event in which James II is overthrown (peacefully) and replaced by William and Mary
1620-1630s; thousands of Puritans came to Massachusetts from England.
Ship with rum at New England goes to West Africa; rum is traded for Africans; Africans are traded for sugarcane; sugarcane is turned to rum.
The queen of England at the time. Defeated Spanish Armada
Held prayer meetings at house; banished to Rhode Island by religious society
In which ministers fear that conversions are declining, so they tone down the exclusiveness of church membership
Established Pennsylvania. A Quaker
A series of raids against Indian villages in Virginia. Led by a bold and wealthy man (who died of bloody diarrhea).
The first permanent English colony established by Virginia Company.
Minister of Salem. Favored separation of church and state. Questioned the seizure of native lands and was thus banished to Rhode Island.
Gave many speeches in New England to help spread the Great Awakening. A bit flamboyant, but charismatic.
Governor of Virginia; Virginia Company issued a Great Charter that swept away his military-style regime

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