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San Diego Trivia
Current San Diego Mayor
First european to visit the region was an explorer named
The highest point/peak in the city (486m)
The current tallest building (150m)
San Diego Airport is referred to as
The city shares a 15 mile border with what country
Name the City's top 10 employers
San Diego Trivia
NFL Team
MLB Team
Name of the site NFL is played
Name of the site MLB is played
The annual Famers Insurance Open occurs at what golf course
This amateur beach sport was invented in San Diego
Name of San Diego's main newspaper
The original city of San Diego was established in the area that is now called
The menagerie of exotic animals featured at the 1915 World's Fair became the
This famous plane was built in San Diego in 1927
Name the touristy area of shops and restaurants on the San Diego Bay next to the Convention Center
Name the inner city park that is home to the zoo, museums,and gardens
Name the attached penninsula city located across the bay and referred to as an 'island'
Ride the classic wooden roller coaster 'The Giant Dipper' in this beachfront amusement center

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