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Werewolf friend of Tyler
Vampire dying of werewolf bite killed by Damon
Bonnie and Sheila
Luka's father
Anna's mother
Klaus Hybrid male
Vampire compelled to kill himself by Elijah
Katherine daughter
Doctor who cheats
Original killed by Jeremy
Original vampire hunter
Elena's blond best friend
Immortal warlock
The pastors daughter
Tyler's mother
Elena's biological mother
New history teacher
Hunter killed by Elena
Elena's and Caroline's ex
Jeremy's vampire girl friend
Main female
Moral original
Silas and amara
Caroline and Damon
Klaus' witch season 2
Alaric, Lexi and Connor
Augustine member
Jeremy's uncle
Stefan's best friend
Elena's witch best friend
Main younger brother
What is Tyler Lockwood
Hunter that died in a cave
Female original vampire
Jeremy and Alexander
Jenna's ex
Caroline's father
What is mason Lockwood
Elena's and Jeremy's aunt
Original witch
Caroline's mother
Jeremy and Elena's mother
From Bulgaria
Original that hated being a vampire
Original who likes Caroline
Elena's and Jeremy's father
Mason's werewolf friend
Vampire that was obsessed with Elena because she looked like Katherine
Fells and lockwoods
Stefan and Elena are

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