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Just one of these could be used to take the lives of two birds - Perfect your aim.
Considered the oldest joke in the world; why did this poultry walk across an intersection?
This will get its bait by awakening prematurely.
To ignore or shirk, treat an issue like [this] rolling off of the back of a member of the Anatidae family.
Before their birth, don't do this to your poultry.
Two in the bush is equal to one winged creature in this.
I'll give you something to [?] about – meaning you want to boast.
When you do this to a crow, you boast, but your boasting turns out to be false or inaccurate.
Something that may help you in the future is one of these in common headwear.
When you try to ignore something, you're burying your head in the sand like this heavy, flightless bird.
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Somebody who gives a tip to the police is often known as this - also known as an 'Informant,' among other less polite names.
When someone uses their position for their own personal gain, they feather their home - commonly known as this 'stick and stone' creation.
What's sauce for the goose is also sauce for this - If it's okay for one person, hey, you can do it, too!
A euphemism for a dumb person is this, their cranium being affected 'fowlly.'
Don't keep these all together in the same bassinet; drop one, drop them all, after all.
This is the time between Election Day and Inauguration in the United States.
Your gig is up when this has been cooked.
The universally unanswered question: Which came first, ___?
See it from a distance when you have this perspective.
These night birds are regarded as wise and have been telling little boys how many licks they have on their Tootsie Pops for years.

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