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Forced Order
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It's statistically possible..
We spend 8 trillion dollars a day in Iraq.
No, no, what do you mean by that? Seriously what does it mean. Lets all get together as a group and talk about what you meant.
Now I understand why the people went on the oregon trail. Who the **** would want to stay here.
I don't like girls!
If she starts crying i'm getting out of the car
So I think this email explains where my pants are
The world's population has increased 3 times since we have been born
Dude, its easy, you just have to know approximately how deep the sewers are.
I think we should all get together and watch the superbowl together. Like as a group
The night is in diapers
I don't think you can make a worse first impression than pissing yourself
Why don't you go cough in a corner?
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I'm talking about BOOM, Buttsex. Fifteen inches wide, about ten feet long. It's not like ooh baby that feel good it's about aw aw my butthole bleeding
Why are you dressed like a chick. **** That
It'd be great if we were all girls and went dressed as famous first ladies
People have been talking food off my plate my whole life
Hey , you have a little something on your teeth. I told you that because I'm a real Friend
Drew Lawson is the meanest boy alive
PewPew Lasers? I love PewPew lasers
Thats my alarm to make sure I go to the bathroom when i'm drunk
I hate when girls dress like **** just because its halloween?
The Shocker, give him the Shocker
I've been swimming the CFEs
I mean if she came to my room....I'd **** her.

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