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Can you name the Minecraft Mobs?

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DescriptionMob Name
It Flies in Caves
It Lays Eggs
It Gives us Milk
Similar to Before One but found in Mushroom Biomes
Gives us Porkchop as Food
Changes Colour when given the name 'Toast'
It is covered with Wool
Guardian Attacks this Mob
Can be killed by Zombies
It Poisons Us
It can Teleport
Pounces on Us
Found in the Nether, if attacked each one of these will attack you
Shoots 3 Fireballs at once
It Blasts
Found in Ocean Monuments
Creepy - Crawly found in the End
Shoots A Fireball
DescriptionMob Name
A New Mob like a Zombie
A New Mob like a Skeleton
A New Mob found in Ice Biomes
A Splitting Gigantic Mob found in the Nether
A Mob that Gives You Levitation Effect
A Mob found in Strongholds
It shoots Arrows and carries a Bow
Same like Magma Cube but found in Swamps
A Mob that throws Poison Potions
It gives You Wither Effect
It Punches you
You can Ride these (2)
A Cat
Tameable but when hit it attacks you
Protects Villagers
Shoots Snowballs
Boss Mob found in the End
Shoots Wither Skulls at You

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