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Can you name the raid boss abilities that are announced by the following taunts?

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TauntAbility involvedHint
Can you feel the cold hand of death upon your heart ?Sindragosa
We're taking hull damage, get a sorcerer/battle-mage out here to shut down those cannons !The name of the ability the sorcerer/battle-mage will be channeling
I think I made an angry poo-poo ! It gonna blow !Happens when 5 little oozes have merged into a big one.
Watch as the world around you collapses!Lich King
Let the Light/Dark consume you !Twin Valkyrs. You can type the name of either ability.
So tired. I will rest for just a moment!XT-002. For this one you need to type the name of the organ that is going to be exposed.
Winds of the north consume you!Hodir
Witness the fury of cosmos! or Behold the tools of creation! Algalon the Observer
The heavens burn!Halion

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