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Test your knowledge of The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit (BOOKS) with these multiple choice questions. Answer choices are given with the question below. Write the LETTER of the answer choice that best fits the question. Have Fun!

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Of the four Travelers, which Hobbit was most accustomed to the River and the Old Forest?A. Frodo B. Sam C. Merry D. Pippin
Who was the father of Legolas? A. Thranduil B. Círdan C. Glorfindel D. Gil-Galad
Where was Gimli's home at the start of LOTR?A. Khazad-Dûm B. Kheled-Zâram C. Erebor D. Ered Luin
What is a Mûmak? (Just ask Sam Gamgee)A. Elven warrior B. Tree whose leaves turn golden in autumn C. Thin but remarkably strong rope D. Oliphaunt
What is NOT within the realm of Gondor?A. Lebennin B. Carrock C. Pinnath Gelin (Green Hills) D. Ithilien
Of the following, which word is NOT associated with Rohan?A. Edoras B. Eorlingas C. Dunharrow D. Ethir Anduin
To what or to whom do the following words refer?: 'All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost'A. Aragorn B. The Ring C. Gandalf D. Frodo
He was NOT present in the Council of Elrond, but he was referenced more than once as the 'Fat Man'A. King of Lake-Town B. Ghân-buri-Ghân C. Barliman Butterbur D. Tom Bombadil
What is the name of the region in which Erebor, Dale, and Mirkwood are located?A. Rhovanion B. Eriador C. Minhiriath D. Enedwaith
What was the name of Aragorn's sword?A. Narsil B. Glamdring C. Andúril D. Sting
Which of the following were NEVER a married couple?A. Amroth & Nimrodel B. Éomer & Lothíriel C. Faramir & Éowyn D. Samwise Gamgee & Rosie Cotton
'Home is behind, the world ahead...'A. 'And yonder lie the Paths of the Dead' B. 'And now we eat our elvish bread' C. 'And there are many paths to tread'
Which name/ alias fits into the following list?: Elessar, Estel, Telcontar, Thorongil, DúnadanA. Elendil B. Strider C. Grayhame D. Stormcrow
Name of the first Ent-house where Treebeard took Merry and Pippin to restA. Wellinghall B. Withywindle C. Entwash D. Crickhollow
Sindarin name of the White MountainsA. Ered Mithrin B. Ered Luin C. Ered Nimrais D. Ephel Dúath
Sindarin name of the Blue MountainsA. Ered Mithrin B. Ered Luin C. Ered Nimrais D. Ephel Dúath
Another name for the Grey Havens.A. Mithlond B. Dol Amroth C. Esgaroth D. Pelargir
In Gondor, east of Anduin. After the War of the Ring, Faramir & Éowyn dwelt there, & Legolas brought some of his kindred.A. Imladris B. Ithilien C. Gondolin D. Laurelindórenan
An outpost of Gondor in Ithilien. It's name means 'Window of the Sunset' or 'Window of the West'.A. Amon Sûl B. Argonath C. Henneth Annûn D. Cirith Ungol
Which name does NOT belong to Gandalf?A. Mithrandir B. Incánus C. Olórin D. Curunír E. Tharkûn
What was a stronghold of the enemy in Mirkwood?A. Barad-Dûr B. Dol Guldur C. Morannon D. Orodruin
Son of Beregond who befriended Pippin in Gondor.A. Bergil B. Brego C. Bregalad D. Beren
Greatest of the Eagles in LOTR who bore Gandalf more than once in great need and through great perilA. Londroval B. Gwaihir C. Meneldor D. Shadowfax
What treasure in Erebor did Thorin Oakenshied most covet?A. Palantír B. Stone of Erech C. Arkenstone D. Elfstone
Which event did NOT happen to Merry?A. Became esquire to King of Rohan B. Stabbed Nazgûl chief with blade of Westernesse C. Lit one of the beacons D. Drank the Ent-Draught & grew
Which event did NOT happen to Pippin?A. Became a knight of Gondor B. Fought at Helm's Deep C. Rode with Gandalf on Shadowfax D. Saved the life of Faramir
Who was the son of Belladonna Took?A. Bilbo B. Hamfast C. Pippin D. Bullroarer
What did Merry & Pippin find among the ruins of Isengard?A. A Palantír B. Longbottom leaf (pipe-weed) C. One of the lesser rings of power D. Mushrooms from the Southfarthing
What is a strategic town in Eriador located where the Greenway road crosses the East-West road?A. Annúmimas B. Fornost C. Lossarnach D. Bree
What do the following have in common?: Caradhras, Mindolluin, StarkhornA. Passes over the Misty Mountains B. Land's belonging to Durin's Folk C. Mountains in Middle-Earth
Who killed Smaug? A. Bilbo Baggins B. Thorin Oakenshield C. Bard the Bowman D. Beorn
A river-island upon Anduin belonging to Gondor. It's name means 'Ship of long foam':A. Cair Andros B. Tol Brandir C. Carrock D. Tol Eressëa
What is Esgaroth?A. 'Lake-Town' near Dale in Rhovanion B. City near Lake Evendim in Eriador C. Lake beyond Argonath in the realm of Gondor D. Inland sea in the region of Rhûn.
Which item was NOT made with mithril:A. Frodo's mail-coat B. Galadriel's ring, Nenya C. The remade gates of Minas Tirith D. Necklace of Girion
What do these words have in common ?: Bywater, Brandywine, Woody End, TuckboroughA. Land of the Stoors B. Regions within the Shire C. Territories untouched by ruffians
The inhabitants of which Forest assisted the Rohirrim in their march towards Pelennor Fields?A. Fangorn Forest B. Firien Wood C. Druadan Forest D. Mirkwood
Who were Elrond's parents ?A. Beren & Luthien B. Eärendil & Elwing C. Dior & Nimloth D. Thingol & Melian
Who were the sons of Elrond?A. Elladan & Elrohir B. Gildor & Galdor C. Túrin & Húrin D. Erestor & Elfhelm
What do these have in common?: Gwathló, Baranduin, Limlight, Snowbourn, Celduin, Withywindle A. Rivers of Eriador B. Rivers crossed by the Fellowship C. Rivers of Middle-Earth
Two members of the Fellowship who vowed to journey together after the War of the Ring.A. Legolas & Gimli B. Boromir & Aragorn C. Merry & Pippin D. Frodo & Sam
Which of the following was NOT one of the Istari?A. Gandalf B. Eärendil C. Saruman D. Radagast
Arwen is also known by the nameA. Tinúviel B. Telcontar C. Undómiel D. Half-Elven
Region in Belfalas. Its banner was silver upon blue, bearing a white ship like a swan.A. Osgiliath B. Pelargir C. Ethir Anduin D. Dol Amroth
Kingsfoil - a healing herb brought to Middle Earth by the NúmenoreansA. Simbelmynë B. Athelas C. Elanor D. Mallorn
The shipwright of the Grey HavensA. Círdan B. Erestor C. Haldir D. Gil-Galad
Of the members of the Fellowship, who was most drawn by the sea?A. Sam B. Gimli C. Legolas D. Frodo
At times he seemed nothing more than a ranger. Other times he resembled the Sea-Kings of old.A. Boromir B. Aragorn C. Faramir D. Mithrandir
Back in the Shire , when Sam planted the nut that he had received from Galadriel, what type of tree sprang up in the party field?A. Oak B. Beech C. Willow D. Mallorn
Who fought beside Elendil in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men? A. Gil-Galad B. Glorfindel C. Celebrimbor D. Thranduil
The High Pass and the Redhorn Gate are passes to cross which mountain range?A. White Mountains B. Blue Mountains C. Grey Mountains D. Misty Mountains
One of the mearas.A. Hasufel B. Windfola C. Shadowfax D. Roheryn
Capital City of Rohan, where the Golden Hall of the King was located.A. Dunharrow B. Edoras C. Mundburg D. Hornburg
Both from Rhovanion, these two unlikely companions visited the Glittering Caves & Fangorn Forest together. A. Óin & Glóin B. Sméagol & Déagol C. Legolas & Gimli
His diet was mainly honey and cream. His animals helped him around the house. He could take on the form of a bear.A. Beren B. Beorn C. Bard D. Bombur
Which of the following is NOT a name / title of Elrond's house?A. Rivendell B. Imladris C. Harlond D. The Last Homely House
She worked in the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith, and she said that the hands of the king were the hands of a healer.A. Míriel B. Berúthiel C. Fíriel D. Ioreth
At the ruined gates of Isengard, what did Gimli say had settled the score & even left him in debt of the hobbits?A. Pipe-wide and a spare pipe B. Salted pork C. Broiled bacon
According to tradition, who were the Rohirrim?A. Descendants of the Éothéod of the North B. Kinsmen of the Bardings of Dale & the Beornings C. Eorlingas D. All of the above
His wife sent a basket of mushrooms with the traveling hobbits.A. Farmer Cotton B. Farmer Maggot C. Farmer Brownlock D. Ted Sandyman
Stony eyot in upper reaches of Anduin, with stairs made by Beorn. The Eagles left Thorin and Company at the summit.A. Cair Andros B. Carrock C. Tol Brandir D. Tol Eressëa
Pillars of the Kings, in the likeness of Isildur and Anárion, which stood on either side of Anduin at the northern approach to Nen Hithoel.A. Argonath B. Arathorn C. Dol Amroth
Inn at BreeA. Ivy Bush B. Prancing Pony C. Green Dragon D. Golden Perch
Son of Carc and chief of the ravens. He passed an important message to Thorin and Company.A. Landroval B. Meneldor C. Stybba D. Roäc
An outlying hill beneath the Lonely Mountain.A. Amon Hen B. Amon Sûl C. Ravenhill D. Mindolluin
They made an oath at Halifirien, thereby turning Calenardhon into Rohan.A. Cirion the Steward & Eorl B. Ecthelion the Steward and Helm Hammerhand C. Húrin the Steward & Eorl
What was Galadriel's gift to Gimli the Dwarf?A. A phial with the light of the star of Eärendil B. Bow of the Galadhrim C. Three strands of her hair D. A mithril coat
A group of Elves & Istari formed to combat the growing power at Dol Guldur, which was eventually found to be Sauron. A. Council of Elrond B. White Council C. The Last Alliance
Dwelling of Radagast the Brown.A. Dunharrow B. Fangorn C. Rhosgobel D. He settled nowhere - a wanderer
Dwelling of Saruman A. Númenor B. Isengard C. Mordor D. He settled nowhere - a wonderer
Dwelling of GandalfA. Imladris B. Minas Tirith C. Lothlórien D. He settled nowhere - a wanderer
Where did Aragorn and Company overthrow the Corsairs of Umbar and take their fleet of ships?A. Harlond B. Mithlond C. Pelargir D. Ethir Anduin
Frodo sang these words: 'With Dwarves and Hobbits , Elves and Men [...] In their own secret tongues he spoke.' To whom did these words refer?A. Gandalf B. Elrond C. Aragorn
Sam would have told Gollum to find these to accompany the stewed conies (rabbits), if only they had been in season.A. Taters, B. Strawberries, C. Artichokes, D. Apples
Who said 'I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve'?A. Pippin, B. Bilbo, C. Barliman Butterbur, D. Tom Bombadil
Which of the following is NOT on the sea-coast A. Annúminas B. Belfalas C. Anfalas D. Harlindon
'Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien.' In Common Tongue?A. 'The Eagles are coming!' B. 'The Power of the Three Rings is ended' C. Out of the Great Sea to Middle-Earth I am come'
The realm of King Elessar was the Reunited Kingdom of...A. Arnor and Gondor B. Doriath and Gondolin C. Dale and Esgaroth D. Eriador and Gondor

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