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Can you name the Avatar the Last Airbender Characters 2?

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Split Personality, Brothers
Earth Kingdom, Ruler, Kyoshi, Fell to death, Short
Aang's Fire Nation friend
Hide's girlfriend
Fire Nation, Sword Master, Butler
Has a Shirshu
Roku's wife
Freedom Fighter, Boy, 8, Pipsqueak
Gorilla Goat, Bumi, Wants belly scratched
Order of the White Lotus, Misty Palms Oasis, Pai Sho
Ember Island Play source
'I'm not that old.'
Spirit, Knowledge, Library, Owl
Female, Face Stolen
Woman, Widowed, Early Earthbender, Shu
An 'unusual name for a young man'
Assassin, Three Eyes, Sparky, Boom
'Stole' the Sacred Crystal Orb
Avatar, Water Nation, Koh
Could one day defeat a sea sponge
Former Supreme Bureaucratic Administrator
Leader of the Council of Five
Black koi
Baby, Saber-tooth, Moose-lion
'Banished' twin

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