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No man has touched her.
Surah in the Holy Quran which is titled with two letters.
Bonus number, The two letters after 'sad'.
The nearest Arabic word for 'Lord'.
One of the names of Allah swt which means the compeller.
Also known as the 'Shahadah'
This is a name labelled to the prophet sas because of this good characteristic.
A ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority.
The one who spread dawah.
The richest, most progressive and second safest country which is an Islamic country.
A non-Muslim, such as a Christian or Jew, who pays al-Jizyah to the r Islamic State.
A phrase declaring that none is worthy of worship except the God
Plural form of 'Auliya'.
Was the name of a daughter, a granddaughter, and two wives of the Prophet Muhammad.
Statement you should understand.Right Answer
Paternal Uncle of the Prophet SAS.
This is one of the root word of 'Islam'.
Sayf Allāh al-Maslūl
This refer to be treated unequal or to treat someone unequal.
The madhhab is one of the four schools of Islamic law in Sunni Islam. It was founded by the Arab scholar Al-Shafi'i in the early 9th century.
The Month Of the Pilgrimage
This is giving voluntarily to the needy and poor.
Correct pronunciation of 'Eid'.
'Allahu Akbar'
A boy who performed hajj may join this to his name.
The Second Father of Humanity
The Forgiving, The Exceedingly and Perfectly Forgiver
The first man who recited the Adhan.

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