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These people is from the religion of the Jews. They are cursed in Surah Al Burooj 4.
Saying 'In Sha Allah' in oaths is ..........
How long do the People of The Cave slept?
He is the man who tore the ship, killed a child and restores a decrepit walls. The following things have their own interpretations.
He built a barrier for the people against the great corrupters.
The chief of the believers
Sunnah and recommended acts is also called .....
He is a man who slept in the cave and woke up after a hundred years. He is also a pious man after the time of Musa (Alaihi Salam).
Allah has 99 names and one of them is Al Quddus. What does it mean?
She is one of the Prophet's wife and she is the 7th wife.
ClueTitleExtra Informations
Narrated `Abdullah bin `Umar: I offered the prayer with the Prophet, Abu Bakr and `Umar at Mina and it was of two rak`at. `What prayer is it?
When the Prophet Adam AS saw his descendants and he saw a specific man. He liked the man and he asked Allah swt for his name and age. Who is this man?
This mosque is referred as 'The Mosque of the two Qiblah'.
What is the punishment for a non married muslim committing zina (adultery) in Islam?
The salah before Fajr is called .......
The Prophet (SAS) said: The earnings of a cupper are impure, the price paid for a dog is impure, and the hire paid to a ........... is impure.
Ibn 'Abbas (Allah be pleased with them) reported that al-Sa'b b. Jaththama presented to the Messenger of Allah (SAS) a wild ass but he returned it back. Why?
The healing are in these three things but one of them is forbidden by the Prophet (SAS). What is the forbidden way?
This is the place where Quran 5:3 is revealed.
What do the crescent moon and the star symbolizes?

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