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Can you name the Kohlberg's Moral Dev. Stage 6?

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What is Stage 6 of Kohlbergs Moral Stage of Development called?
Stage 6 is closely related to what other stage?
What level is stage stage 5 and 6 found under?
Which of the following is correct: People in the third level of moral development are interested in (the principles beyond the rules, understanding the 'why' behind the rules, or j
True or False: People are not willing to break the law to uphold any moral principal?
True or False: People in stage six are completely aware that their are consequences for breaking the rules/laws.
Do people in stage six not expect to pay the consequences for breaking the law
After someone reaches stage six, they are most likely the next time going to go back to stage (three, two, five or four)
People in Kohlbergs stage 6 (worry about themselves, relationships, others)
Do people try everything within the law before they break the law
People who have power aren't (listening,agreeing) with person in stage 6
Who is a great example of this final level of moral development?

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