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Using three hints each, can you guess the animal?

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► sleep 14 hrs a day
►avid groomers
►lethal hunters
►largest land mammal
►No natural predators
►needs to drink 210 liters of water daily
►marine mammal
►love to sing
►can become beached
►swallow food whole
►shed their skin
►smell with their tongue
► 300 degrees of vision
►China has largest population in the world
►a group is called herd,flock or mob
►can carry 20 times their own body weight
►live in colonies
►most are black or red
►powerful talons help catch prey
►can turn heads as much as 270 degrees
►can drink 30 gallons of water in 13 minutes
►used mostly to transport heavy loads
►can run 40mph for short time
►are flightless
►most live in southern hemisphere
►spend half their time in water and the other half on land
►live in the arctic
►eat mainly seals
►can reach speeds of 25mph on land and 6mph in water
►males known for orante feather pattern
►are omnivorous
►three types: Indian, Green, Congo
►are born blind
►type of rodent
►eats mostly nuts,fruit, and seeds
►egg laying mammal
►feed on worms,insects and freshwater shrimo
►flying mammal
►eat insects,fruit,fish, and blood
►preferred habitat is rainforest
►roam,hunt and live alone
►prey on over 80 species of animals of all all sizes
►native to Australia
►they eat eucalypt leaves
►closest living relative is the wombat
►communicate with each other by clicking,whistling and other sounds
►use a blowhole to breath
►live in schools or pods up to twelve
►doesn't have brains
►can often be transparent
►eat plankton
►most live in tropical areas
►imitate sounds
►eat seeds, fruit, nectar, flowers, or small insects
►cant walk backwards
►can jump three times their own height
►are marsupial animals
►stand up while sleeping
►live in Africa
►run from side to side when chased by a predator
►does not have a single bone in the body
►if they stop moving they will suffocate and die
►some lay eggs while others give live birth
►give birth in water
►one of most dangerous animals in Africa
►eat mostly grass
►front teeth never stop growing
►prolific builders
►second largest rodent in the world
►roll into tight ball of threatened
►weak eyesight but strong hearing and smell
►communicate through a combination of snuffles, grunts and squeals

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