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Either of the title characters from this Disney musical
Yes, New York, He's got elegance
Come on along and listen to the lullaby of _________
Musical by William Finn, A New ______
Wrote Parade, Songs For A New World, and The Last Five Years
In Wicked, he becomes the Tin Man
He has a magic foot, and an accent aigu
The title character of the Tony-award winning musical by Elton John and Lee Hall
Either of the main characters in The Producers
Fiyero, Freddy, or Roger
Where Hairspray takes place
Doesn't think she's pretty, but everyone is beautiful at the ballet
The boss and president of the World Wide Wicket Company
Sky Masterson must take this doll to Havana
The holiday that Schroeder celebrates in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Captain VonTrapp almost marries her
The island that is calling in South Pacific
Annie Oakley, the Witch, or Mama Rose
Harold Hill convinces the people of River City that he will start one of these
La vie __________
We love you Conrad, oh yes we do...What is Conrad's last name?

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