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Can you name the broadway terms starting with A ?

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Clue'A' AnswerMusical
The little red-headed orphan
Anything you can do, she can do better
Where the Puerto-Ricans want to be
Cross-dressing drummer
Princeton, Kate, and Brian live here
Based on the music of Elvis Presley
She wants to be where the people are, not under the sea
Don't cry for me _________
A Nubian, she is captured by the Egyptians
Where the Lion King takes place
Wrote The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph, and Jesus Christ Superstar
Clue'A' AnswerMusical
Charlie Brown, or Mark from Rent
Bernardo's Girl
Maria, Cinderella, or Mary Poppins
Has been engaged to Nathan Detroit for the past 13 years
Where The Sound of Music takes place
The title of the song from which Rent gets its catch phrase, 'No Day But Today'
The secret garden belonged to him and his wife
Tutors the children of the King of Siam
Wrote the music for Beauty and the Beast
A giant blood-thirsty plant

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