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ClueStateMain time zone
Rain, Coffee, NeedlePacific
Crabs, Hairspray, LacrosseEastern
Big, Guns, WCentral
Powell's, Trees, DucksPacific
Secession, Colony, SanfordEastern
Beach, Fame, BridgePacific
Flood, Beads, CajunCentral
Sky, Sparse, Bobcats Mountain
Middle, Hoosiers, FootballEastern
Liberty, Steel, DutchEastern
Potatoes, Mountains, GemsMountain
Sunflowers, Nuclear, OilCentral
Yale, Preppy, WhiteEastern
Tax-free, First, VPEastern
Presidents, Plains, IndiansCentral
Border, By-God, Appalachian Eastern
Wright, OBX, BlueEastern
Chili, Spanish, FireMountain
Snakes, Canyon, CraterMountain
Clinton, Integration, Wal-MartCentral
Mormon, Olympics, Jell-OMountain
Primary, Granite, FoliageEastern
Skiing, Rockies, HealthyMountain
Toto, Flat, BleedingCentral
Derby, Basketball, BluegrassEastern
ClueStateMain time zone
Syrup, French, MooseEastern
Casinos, Prostitution, CactusPacific
Musical, Sooner, BombingCentral
Yellowstone, Clark, DinosaursMountain
Unicameral, Huskers, ArborCentral
Corn, Caucus, TornadoesCentral
Small, Brown, ChowderEastern
Buckeyes, Swing, PennantEastern
Peaches, Coca-cola, RayEastern
Lobster, Clams, CanadaEastern
Gators, Retirees, Disney Eastern
Sweet, Boycott, DixieCentral
River, Twain, DeltaCentral
Luau, Island, Volcano Name of state
Compromise, Show-me, FairCentral
Tea, Pilgrims, Harvard Eastern
Pocahontas, Tech, CIAEastern
Twin, Lakes, ColdCentral
Snowmobiles, Crime, Peninsula Eastern
Lincoln, Windy, ObamaCentral
Shore, Princeton, SnookiEastern
Curds, Dairyland, Packers Central
Country, Graceland, CrockettCentral
Snow, Whales, Aurora Name of state
Apple, 9/11, NYE Eastern

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