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Can you name the common crimes of the United States?

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To help a criminal commit a crime
Burning a structure or building
To threaten, or physically strike one
To give/accept something in exchange for favorable treatment
Unlawful entry into a structure, with intent to commit a crime
Inflicting cruelty upon a minor
To sell, produce, distribute etc. material exploiting a minor inappropriately
To agree to commit almost any crime, and take steps toward commiting it
To use a credit/debit card unlawfully (using someone else's, etc.)
To 'disturb the peace', or loiter
To inflict physical harm on a family member
To produce/grow and/or possess materials that can create an unlawful substance
To sell, transport, or illegally import unlawful substances into the U.S.A.
To willfully possess illegal substances
To operate a vehicle while impaired by alcohol/drugs
A person stealing assets that they were trusted with
To gain money or property by force or threat
To create a fake document, change an existing one, and/or creating a signature without authorization
To hurt or intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, etc.
To purposely expose one's genitals in public
To misuse another person's identifying information
To attempt to claim injury when it never occured, or to sell bogus insurance to clients
To take a person from one place to another against their will
To unintentionally kill someone resulting from recklessness or criminal negligence
To kill someone with no prior intent to kill
A minor possessing alcohol or drugs
To transfer money derived from almost any criminal activity
To kill someone unlawfully; willfully and premediated
To kill someone with intent; but not premeditated or planned
To knowingly lie after taking an oath to tell the truth
To offer, engage, or agree to a sexual act for compensation
To be visibly drunk or under the influence of drugs in public
To convince someone to invest in a company, when there is no existent company
Criminal organizations to profit from any legitimate business operations
To force someone to have sexual intercourse with them
To steal property or money using physical force, fear, or/and a deadly weapon
An officer distorting stock information, an officer unlawfully disclosing confidential stock information, etc.
To touch someone sexually, in a way that is considered unwanted and offensive
To follow, harass, or threaten another person, putting the victim in fear of his or her safety
To purposefully avoid the payment of federal, state, and/or local taxes
To promise prize winnings that are non-existant through unsolicited telephone calls
Taking anything with value without consent of the owner
A fradulent scheme to secure money or property comitted or aided through technology, or 'wires'

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