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Description of enemyEnemy
A superpowered criminal with an animal's physiology.
A biochemist who became the first human genetic engineer in history.
A British aristocrat, who sought out Count Dracula.
HYDRA founder.
One of the elite Nazi scientists during World War II.
A French mercenary and leader of his own brigade of criminals.
Operative of the subversive organization called The Corporation.
A super computer come to life with ultimate knowledge of any data that's in the internet universe.
The henchman of Captain America's primary enemy.
The brother of Diamondback.
A team of five costumed jugglers who used their skills to commit crime.
A psychiatrist and criminal mastermind.
A master in the magical and mystical arts bent on world domination.
The defender of the common people, and outfitted himself
A Swiss terrorist, determined to unite the world by destroying nationalities.
The leader of the Neo-Nazi group National Force.
A clone of Adolf Hitler.
Mentioned in an earlier clue.
A member of the loosely-knit band of minions called the Skeleton Crew.
Important to Russian Military
A master robot-maker whose ability rivaled that of Doctor Doom.
Description of enemyEnemy
Leader of HYDRA. She is also known as the second Viper.
A creation of another Cap enemy.
Nazi who received Super Soldier Serum
Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing
Affiliated with the Secret Empire, he planned to damage Cap's reputation by accusing him of vigilantism.
A weapons designer clad in 'porcupine-like' battle armor.
Captain America's archenemy, a Nazi supersoldier and Hitler's successor.
A cadre of super-villain killers originally tackled and often confronted by Captain America and his allies.
A group of snake-themed supervillains.
A larger group of snake-themed supervillains.
Daughter of Captain America's primary enemy.
A robot planted by Nazi Germany.
A mutant who is a member of a snake-themed Society.
Femizons founder.
Costumed super villain constantly taken down by the Avengers.
Created by Zhang Chin and failed as an experiment in 1950. Villain to the new Captain America.
A costumed criminal acrobat.
A terrorist organization headed by another Cap enemy.
Brother of Eel.
A terrorist organization opposed to controversial subjects in American culture.
Criminal mastermind of Communist China.

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