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Game of Thrones: Calling The Banners

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BannermenRuling HouseRegion
House Swann
House Sarsfield
House Rowan
House Allyrion
House Glover
House Beesbury
House Connington
House Blanetree
House Sunderly
House Thorne
House Stokeworth
House Brax
House Sunglass
House Saltcliffe
House Tallhart
House Serret
House Morrigen
House Piper
House Caron
House Botley
House Payne
House Mormont
House Flint
House Hornwood
House Estermont
House Waxley
House Ashford
House Fowler
House Wode
House Bolton
House Dondarrion
House Farwynd
House Yronwood
House Egen
BannermenRuling HouseRegion
House Tarly
House Wynch
House Mertyns
House Footly
House Jordayne
House Velaryon
House Stonetree
House Webber
House Santagar
House Celtiagar
House Borrel
House Marbrand
House Vance
House Penrose
House Prester
House Belmore
House Dayne
House Tarth
House Reed
House Toland
House Bracken
House Hewett
House Trant
House Waynwood
House Goodbrother
House Blackwood
House Brune
House Bulwer
House Hunter
House Mallister
House Hersey
House Manderly
House Redfort
House Smallwood
BannermenRuling HouseRegion
House Fossoway
House Blount
House Frey
House Merryweather
House Bar Emmon
House Ambrose
House Cerwyn
House Coldwater
House Lynderly
House Cuy
House Uller
House Lydden
House Royce
House Blackmont
House Tollett
House Bywater
House Selmey
House Roxton
House Kenning
House Dustin
House Banefort
House Mooton
House Swyft
House Elesham
House Tawney
House Corbray
House Dalt
House Drumm
House Sparr
House Farman
House Wendwater
House Erenford

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