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Leader of the American Railway Union who ran for president five times, the last time from prison(last name)
Artist who depicted his brother, Rene, reading a newspaper in 'New Orleans Cotton Exchange; best know for his depictions of ballerinas and race horses.(last name)
Muscle that forms the rounded portion of the shoulder; named for its resemblance to a Greek Letter.
Second cousin of Nick Carraway and wife of Tom Buchanan in 'The Great Gatsby'
Gotham City district attorney who becomes the criminal 'Two Face' after having acid thrown at him by mob boss Sal Maroni.(last name)
British Prime Minister known for having a rivalry with William Gladstone. (last name)
French composer known for his piece 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' that was used in Disney's 'Fantasia'. (last name)
City home to the Bab Tuba gate that is the capital of Syria.
Russian author of 'The Idiot', 'Notes from the Underground', and 'The House of the Dead'. (last name)
Scientific quantity defined as mass divided by volume.
Fifth book of the Old Testament consisting of sermons delivered by Moses to the Israelites.
First section of the small intestine that connects the stomach to the jejunum.
(Two word answer) Jack Kerouac novel featuring the characters Ray Smith and Japhy Rider; details Kerouac's introduction to Buddhism in the 1950's.
Goddess of the harvest whose daughter, Persephone, was taken into the underworld by Hades.
Dutch artist and architect who was the founder of the De Stijl art movement. (last name)
A buyer's willingness and ability to pay a particular price for a good or service.
Nickname of a political party that supported Jim Crow laws that was also known as the State's Rights Party.
Italian author who included sections entitled Inferno, Paradiso, and Purgatorio in his Devine Comedy(first name)
British Scientist known for his work in atomic theory and his eponymous law of partial pressures. (last name)
(Two Word Answer) Period from 1976-1983 that saw the murder of political opponents by the government of Argentina until the nation's defeat in the Falklands War.

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