Pokédex Entries 6 - Guess the Pokémon

Can you guess the Pokémon from their dex entries?

Pokédex entryPokémon
It folds its four legs when flying. Its four brains are said to be superior to a supercomputer.
Through Primal Reversion and with nature’s full power, it will take back its true form. It can cause magma to erupt and expand the landmass of the world.
It glides using its cape-like membrane. Electrical energy scatters from it, shocking its friends and foes alike.
A legendary bird Pokémon. It can create blizzards by freezing moisture in the air.
It is capable of circling the globe in just 16 hours. It is a kindhearted Pokémon that leads lost and foundering ships in a storm to the safety of land.
It appears from deep in the mountains to warn people about upcoming disasters it has sensed with its horn.
Psychic power builds up in the orb on its forehead as it bathes in the sunshine. It is not good at battling at night.
It is believed to have shaped Regirock, Regice, and Registeel out of clay, ice, and magma.
It will only open its heart to a Trainer with a compassionate spirit. This Pokémon can fly faster than a jet plane by folding its forelegs to minimize air resistance.
It uses its docile-looking face to lull foes into complacency, then bites with its huge, relentless jaws.

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