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Can you name the arena rock and glam metal songs based on their opening lines?

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'Not a dime, I can't pay my rent, I can barely make it through the week. Saturday night, I'd like to make my girl, but right now I can barely make ends meet.'
'Babe, tomorrow's so far away, there's something I just have to say. I don't I can hide what I'm feeling inside, another day, knowing I love you.'
'You stole my heart the moment you came to town, I said hello but you were gone before I turned around. You can't get away, can't get away even if you try now.'
'Gypsy, sitting lookin' pretty, a broken rose with laughing eyes. You're a mystery, always runnin' wild, like a child without a home.'
'Highway run into the midnight sun. Wheels go 'round and 'round, you're on my mind. Restless hearts sleep alone tonight, sending all my love along the wire.'
'When evenin' comes, I come alive, I love to prowl around in the streets. It's the moonlight that controls my mind, now i've got the power to speak, yeah.'
'Guess who just got back today? Those wild-eyed boys that had been away. Haven't changed, haven't much to say, but man, I still think those cats are great.'
'We're leaving together, but still it's farewell. And maybe we'll come back to Earth, who can tell? I guess there is no-one to blame, we're leaving ground...'
'Mother told me, yes, she told me that I'd meet girls like you. She also told me, 'Stay away, you never know what you'll catch'.'
'I never meant to be so bad to you, one thing I said that I would never do. A look from you and I would fall from grace, and that would wipe the smile right from my face.'
'Cruised into a bar on the shore, her picture graced the grime on the door. She's a long lost love at first bite. Baby, maybe you're wrong but you know it's alright.'
'I woke up in a Soho doorway, a policeman knew my name. He said, 'You can go sleep at home tonight if you can get up and walk away'.'
'Here she comes, just like an angel. Seems like forever that she's been on my mind, but nothing has changed, she thinks I'm a waste of her time.'
'Rainy night and we worked all day, we both got jobs 'cause there's bills to pay. We got something they can't take away, our love, our lives.'
'Hold on, little girl, show me what he's done to you. Stand up, little girl, a broken heart can't be that bad. When it's through, it's through, fate will twist the both of you.'
'What in the world's come all over me? I ain't got a chance of one in three, ain't got no rap, ain't got no line, but give me just a minute, I'll be feelin' fine.'
'There's a rumour here and it's going 'round, can you hear it on the street? If you realise that the pleasure lies between surrender and defeat.'
'Morning came and I was on my way when you reminded me. I had too soon forgotten, it was you who set me free. Yeah! You were here when I came and you'll be here when I'm gone.'
'I thought that dreams belonged to other men, 'cause each time I got close they'd fall apart again. I feared my heart would beat in secrecy, I faced the nights alone.'
'I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over. I better read between the lines in case I need it when I'm older.'

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