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Can you name the Characters in the Saw Series?

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Appeared In CharacterHint
Saw I,II,III,IV,V,VIThe killer himself
Saw III,IV,V,VIThe Detective and an accomplice
Saw I,II,III,IV,V,VIThe Drug Addict who becomes an accomplice
Saw I The doctor who cuts off his foot
Saw I,IIIThe photographer
Saw III,IV,V,VIThe wife of the killer
Saw I,II,IIIThe detective who is killed in the Angel Trap
Saw II,III,IVDetective who is shot and killed
Saw II,III,IVDetective who's head is crushed
Saw III,IV,VHis son was run over
Saw III,IV Her son was run over
Saw IV, V, VIHe was onto the accomplice and was crushed for it
Saw IV, V, VIShe cheated death and was onto the accomplice
Saw V, VIBluetooth /Jesus Peter
Saw I, VHis throat was slit and he 'died'
Saw I He was shot in the head
Saw IV, VIHe caused a baby to die and was killed in razor wire
Saw IV, VHe was a lawyer and was shot in the face
Saw IIDrug Dealer
Saw II Arsonist
Saw II Son of a detective
Saw II, V Missing Daughter
Saw V, VI Reporter and obsessed with Jigsaw
Appeared In CharacterHint
Saw VIHealth insurance guy killed with acid
Saw II, IV Prostitute who dies from blood loss
Saw IICriminal and was hit in the back of the head with a nail bat
Saw I,IV,VSuicidal man. Died in razor wire maze
Saw IV, VDetective
Saw IV Swat member
Saw I Doctor's wife
Saw I Lied about being sick
Saw II, IVI spy with my little eye
Saw VDetective's sister's killer
Saw VDrug addict and killed 8 people
Saw VVP of real estate company
Saw V A reporter for 'The Herald'
Saw V Fire inspector
Saw VCity planner
Saw VIBanker who lost her arm
Saw VIBanker who cut of most of his stomach
Saw IV,VIDoctor who performs autopsies
Saw IVHotel owner and rapist
Saw IVProstitute who dies by being shoved through a mirror
Saw IV Beaten wife who kills her husband
Saw IVHe beats his daughter and wife
Saw IV Abused daughter
Appeared In CharacterHint
Saw IIIDriver who killed a small child accidently
Saw IIIWitness to a child's death. Did nothing
Saw IIIJudge who gave a child killer 6 months
Saw IIIConvict who kept going back to prison
Saw II, IVDrug addict who is shot in the eye
Saw IIKidnapped by arsonist
Saw VISmoker / Janitor
Saw VIYou killed my father you mother f*****!
Saw VIWife of a dead man because he was denied health insurance
Saw VI Lawyer who has a rod through her skull
Saw VI Dog Pit member Last to die
Saw VIDog Pit member 1st to die
Saw VIDog Pit member third to die
Saw VIDog pit member (survivor with two kids)
Saw VIDog Pit member 'Pregnant'
Saw VIDog Pit member (survivor with sick parents)
Saw VISecretary
Saw VIFile Clerk
Saw VIDenied health insurance and dies because of it
Saw IV Is killed by a hammer to the face 4 times
Saw IOrderly at hospital who is killed with a toliet lid
Saw I Almost dies from nails to the neck

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