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HintAnswerTerritories and Washington D.C. are not
States that border a Great Lake (besides Michigan)This should be pretty easy
States with only straight bordersLess possibilities, but still a piece of cake
States with parishes or boroughs instead of countiesHere's a hint... it's not New York
States with the five smallest areas (besides Rhode Island)We all know the smallest, do you know the next smallest?
States with at least four National ParksAlright, getting slightly trickier...
States that are home to no BillionairesThere are eleven of them
States whose lowest points are below sea levelOnly two choices here!
States who have changed their capital since becoming a stateNot counting joint capitals that were reduced to one capital after statehood
States that border at least 7 other statesAlmost halfway done...
States with the 5 lowest high elevationsHopefully you can get one of them
HintAnswerTerritories and Washington D.C. are not
States that were never territories before they became statesDoes not include the original thirteen colonies
States with 100-200 countiesOnly texas has more than 200 of them
States with at least one motor vehicle per personThe answers might surprise you...
States whose capitals are not in the ten most populated cities in the stateTiny little capitals
States whose official GPO demonym ends in -erA demonym is a term to designate residents of a place. Ex. Someone from Hawaii is a 'Hawaiian'
States whose minimum wages are lower than $7.25They range from $5.15 to $6.25
States whose official GPO demonym ends in '-ite'There's only three!
States whose average life expectancy is at least 81 years oldThere's only two!
States with more than one official languageThere's only one!
States that have never had an official poet laureateYeah... good luck

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