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Can you name the Characters In Skyrim?

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Eater Of Worlds
Leader of the rebellion
Horse thief captured by imperials
Lives on the throat of the world
Instructor and mentor in the way of the voice for the Dragonborn
Dragonborns Housecarl when becoming thane of Whiterun
Mad mage who knows the location of an eldar scroll
Arch-mage of the college of winterhold
Knows much, and tells some
Talking Dog
Met his end in his field laboratory in Blackreach
Jarl of Whiterun
Old member of the blades found hiding in the ratways
You help her slay a dragon at Kynesgrove
The founder of Rorikstead
You can call him Ann Marie. If you're partial to being flayed aliveand having an angry immortal skip rope with your entrails
Commander of the Imperial Legion in Skyrim
Leader of the Forsworn rebellion and imprisoned within Cidhna mine
A lead scholar on Dwarves
Patron diety of the Theives Guild
Worship of him is banned thanks to the White-Gold Concordat
Pray he gives you mercy, for his vigilants will not
The Wolf Queen, who has been summoned from beyond the grave.
Leader of the Alikr searching for a redguard woman
The Harbinger of the Companions
Despite not being jarl, she still technically owns and runs Riften
Abusive owner of Honorhall Orphanage
Is worshiped by the Dark Brotherhood
Disguised as Sam Guevenne who challenges the Dragonborn to a drinking contest
He spent his entire life searching for the white phial

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