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CharacteristicsArt MovementFounding/Associated Artist
draw upon Western classical art and cultureJacques-Louis David
beauty of untamed nature and its picturesque qualitiesTheodore Gericault/Caspar Friedrich
style that depicts the actuality of what the eyes can seeGustave Courbet
art should capture absolute truths which are only accessed by indirect highly metaphorical subjectsGustave Moreau
emphasis on the accurate depiction of light in its changing qualitiesClaude Monet
extended Impressionism while rejecting its limitationsVincent Van Gogh
Group of Science-based interpretation of lines and colorsGeorges Seurat
style of post-Impressionist painting with bold and flat forms separated by dark contoursPaul Gauguin
organic, floral and other plant-inspired motifs, highly stylized, flowing curvilinear formsGustav Klimt
emphasized painterly qualities and strong colour over representational or realistic valuesHenri Matisse
objects are broken up, analyzed, re-assembled in abstracted formPablo Picasso
emphasis on youth, speed, power and technologyUmberto Boccioni
based on the idea that color and sound are similar phenomenaMorgan Russell
present the world in an utterly subjective perspective, distorting it for emotional effect, evoking moods or ideasEdvard Munch
only primary colours and non-colours, only squares and rectangles, only straight and horizontal or vertical linePiet Mondrian
CharacteristicsArt MovementFounding/Associated Artist
focused on fundamental geometric forms (the square and circle) Kazimir Malevich
to ridicule what its participants considered the meaninglessness of the modern worldMarcel Duchamp
works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequiturSalvador Dali
combination of emotional intensity and self-denial with anti-figurative aestheticJackson Pollock
formats of stripes, targets, simple geometric patterns and references to landscape imageryMark Rothko
landscape and work of art are inextricably linked, an art form created in nature, using natural materialsChristo
the work is stripped down to its most fundamental featuresFrank Stella
abstract art based on the use of geometric forms sometimes, though not always, placed in non-illusionistic spaceMino Argento
abrupt transitions are found between color areas, color areas are often one unvarying colorJohn McLaughlin
portraying recognizable objects in a rough and violently emotional way using vivid colours and banal colour harmoniesJean-Michel Basquiat
mass-produced visual commodities of popular culture is contiguous with perspective of fine artAndy Warhol
based on using photographs to gather information and then creating a painting that appears very realisticRichard Estes
idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concernsJoseph Kosuth
various flattened forms in Japanese graphic art, animation, pop culture and fine artsTakashi Murakami
figurative painting in opposition to conceptual artBilly Childish and Charles Thomson

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