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ArtistAlbumHidden Track
The Clash'Train in Vain (Stand By Me)'
The Black Crowes'Mercy Sweet Moan (Live Too Fast Blues)'
Cage the Elephant'Right Before My Eyes'
Counting Crows'Big Yellow Taxi'
The Beatles'Her Majesty'
Coldplay'Til Kingdom Come'
Bruce Sprinsteen'Terry's Song'
Spacehog'Was It Likely'
Fergie'Maybe We Can Take a Ride'
U2'Fire (Early Version)'
The Beach Boys'Caroline, No'
Hootie & the Blowfish'Motherless Child'
Marilyn Manson'Empty Sounds of Hate'
Radiohead'Untitled (Genchildren)'
ArtistAlbumHidden Track
Everclear'Hating You For Christmas'
Barenaked Ladies'Long Way Back Home'
Ludacris'Welcome to Atlanta'
Stone Temple Pilots'My Second Album'
Fall Out Boy'Lullabye'
Dr. Dre'Bitches Aint ****'
Katy Perry'California Gurls (Passion Pit Main Mix)'
Green Day'All By Myself'
Kanye West'Late'
Lauryn Hill'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'
Depeche Mode'Cruficied'
Janet Jackson'Whoops Now'
Blink 182'Time To Break Up'
My Chemical Romance'Blood'
Kelly Clarkson'Chivas'

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