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'You lost, a part of your existence.'
'My home has never felt this far.'
'Don't you wanna see a man up close?'
'Buying E-Cigarettes'
'I guess it's all working out.'
'As the smile fell from your face, I fell with it.'
'Please bathe me now, wash me clean.'
'You like stick and I like aerosol.'
'I'm a spark and you're a boom.'
'Then have this silence f*ck me up.'
'Sipping life from bottles.'
'Standing in the eye of the storm.'
'You're hands and lips still know their way around.'
'And picture his face staring up at me.'
'Have you heard me on the radio?'
'All you gotta do is trust that I'm being true.'
'Breathe my love, get high'
'What's your addiction?'
'Rags to riches.'

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