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Can you name these video game subordinates, henchmen, goons by their quotes?

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QuoteCharacterVideo Game
'A strong fighter is not one who always wins, but one who stands after defeat.'
'You're good, but I'm better!'
'What's this, goddess? An intruder! He's ugly! Ugly ugly Ugly!'
'This is some **** up foreplay, eh?'
'Sometimes in the service of what is right, you got to do terrible things.'
'You've been successful at foiling Master Giygas' plans. But... Buzz Buzz, you must now surrender. You're no longer a hero, but just a useless insect. I'll stomp you hard!'
'Face it, genius. You've been played.'
'This is ______ of the Raptor News Network, just doin' God's work.'
QuoteCharacterVideo Game
'Well, look who's too late to save the day. How's it going, Bat-brain? It's been a while.'
'So it has come down to it. We’re going to launch that nuke, and ride it all the way into history.'
'So, you want to go a few rounds? When this is over, we'll see who's obsolete!'
'I will give you a warrior's death.'
'There's nothing left to say. For you and I, Leon, we're merely different sides of the same coin...'
'Every time I wanted to get rid of you he'd find some excuse to keep you alive! Well, now it's up to me, and I ain't such a **** soft touch!'
'Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners... Or was she too busy **** whatever breeze drifted through the town?''

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