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Forced Order
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What year was the first colony of Roanoke established?
Who were the three main colonists?
Who was their rescuer?
When was the second colony at Roanoke established?
When does John White go back to England?
Why is he stuck in England?
When does he finally return to Roanoke?
What does he find?
What word is carved in a tree?
What are the theories?
Who was John White?
Who was Theodore DeBry?
Why study history?
What will History teachers teach about the 2000's?
What does pre-historic mean?
How can we know about history?
When did it start?
What was happening 10,000 years ago?
What was happening 5,000 years ago?
What were the migrants here for?
When did Cahokia rise and fall?
What happened?
Who were the Aztecs/Mexica?
How big was the kingdom/Where was it?
Who were the Inca?
What was going on in North America?
Who were the Iroquois?
What was the Great Peace?
What was Powhatan's call for peace?
What was the Colombian Exchange?
What's going on in Spain?
What was the Spanish Inquisition?
What was reformation?
What did religious disagreements lead to?
What was going on in Ireland?
Who was Richard Hakluyt?
What were the first three English colonies to survive?

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