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Can you name the Premiership football?

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which team plays at anfield?
which team plays at sports direct arena?
Roughly, in yards, how long is a football pitch?
Roughly, in yards, how wide is a football pitch?
How many clubs has matthew upson made a premiership appearence for?
Who is the tallest player in premiership football?
Who does the tallest player in the premiership play for?
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what colour is aston villa's away shirt?
Which premier league club did Jelle van damme play for?
Who did Jonathan walters join stoke from?
In total how many matches are played in premier league in a season?
Since the premier division was founded in 1992 how many teams have competed in this league?
which year were english teams ban from Europe?
Which year did Blackburn lift the premier league trophy?
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How many current premiership clubs has Jason eull played for
Who has made the most premiership appearences but doesnt play in the premier league any more?
Which Dutchman has scored the most premier league goals?
Who is the onlt foreign player to score 5 goals in a single premier league game?
Which player scored man utd 1000th goal in the premiership?
How many goals were scored in the highest scoring league game?
Which team won in this match? (look at question 20)

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