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Who holds the record for the youngest player to play in a premier league game?2007
Who scored the first ever goal in the premiership?The players team no longer plays in the premiership
Which midfielder has made the most appearences in the premiership?No clue its easy
Who has scored the most goals in a debut season?He still plays now and is above the age of 33
Who has scored the most goals in one half?This player is from the U.K
The fastest goal was scored in 9.9 seconds but who was it scored against?Ledley King scored it
In the 2009/10 season how many Arsenal players were from Brazil?Between 0 and 10
In the 2009/10 season which team had the most Scottish players?Two teams (answer in alphabetical order)
Who has scored the most own goals in the premiership?He is a club captain
How many foreign goalkeepers have scored in the premiership?Does not include own goals
Which English player has been sent off before even touching the ball in a game?Sent off whilst playing for Reading
Who was the first player to reach 100 yellow cards in the premiership?This player is not a goalkeeper or defender
What is the most common amount of goals in a game?In the premiership (answer as. one,two,three etc)
Who is the shortest ever serving manager in the premiership?Excluding caretakers (give full name)
Which player has scored 100 league goals for two clubs?He is now retired
Name the players who have scored 100 league goals or more and currently play for Aston Villa?Alphabetical order (surname)
Newcastle vs Liverpool in 1996 won the award, match of the....No clue
The first decade of the premier league saw 34 teams compete in total, but how many teams survived the first decade without getting relegated at any stage?Mateja Kezmans shirt number for Chelsea
Which team has conceded the most amount of penalties since the premiership began?They are in the premiership now
Which year were all the teams that got promoted from the championship relegated from the premiership the following season?This happened before 2007
Which team won the division 1 title but then finished 17th in the first premiership season the next year?1st down to 17th

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