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18956Has a lightning shaped scar on his forehead
6464Supports the Chudley Cannons
5486Her parents are dentists
2421Has a scar the shape of the London underground
2024Keeper of the keys and grounds at Hogwarts
1956The Half Blood Prince
1979He Who Must Not Be Named
1471Spent 12 years in Azkaban
1198Gets turned into a ferrett
920Has a twin brother with one ear
864Has a grindylow in his office
821Has a twin brother who dies in the battle of Hogwarts
810Raised by his grandma
780Created a fly ford anglia
771Owns a pygmy puff called arnold
770Can turn into a cat
722Owns a clock showing family members
637Hogwarts high inquisitor
583Held captive in a suitcase for almost a year
530Director of Grunnings
493Minister for Magic for 6 years
486Has a silver hand
469Creates a rouge bludger
467Goes to the school Smeltings
432Turns himself into an armchair
426Deserts his family for the ministry
356Owns a pair of raddish earrings
353Dies in the tri-wizard tournament
314Receives a howler saying 'Remember my Last'
312Servant of Number 12 Grimauld Place
302Worked as a curse breaker for gringotts
295Was turned into a bone after his death
288Squib caretaker
277Belgium seeker
262Author of Magical Me
262Predicts the death of one student a year
258Beuxbatons tri-wizard champion
249Has his wand taken by Voldemort
246Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports
242She is a metamorphagus
228Eats a chocolate bun laced with a sleeping potion
224Killed by his own fiendfyre
220Kills her cousin in the battle at the department of mysteries
215Ravenclaw Seeker
212Supports West Ham
208Loved long quidditch practice sessions
204Harry's loyal letter carrier
190Illegal animagi that could transform into a stag
188Author of many articles for the daily prophet
179Tried to turn water into rum
165Headmaster of Durmstrang School
164Pesky Poltergeist
162House elf that is scared of heights
162Big ginger cat
156Runs the hospital wing at Hogwarts
153Becomes the minister after Fudge
147Stole a Horcrux from number 12 Grimauld Place
141Ron's first grilfriend
140Takes Harry and Hagrid into Gringotts to vault 713
140Teaches Charms at Hogwarts
136Escapes execution due to a time turner
135Gryffindor chaser that accompanies Fred to the yule ball
133Has a twin sister in ravenclaw
127Petunias witch sister
124Editor of the quibbler
123Gryffindor house ghost
122Tries to steal the philosophers stone
119Only person to be killed by the basilisk at Hogwarts
117Owns a wand shop in diagon alley
116Cursed by a necklace
112Headmistress of Beuxbatons Academy
110Looks after dragons in Romania
109Quidditch commentator
106Protects the muggle prime minister
105Large dog that is a coward
102Turns Lupin into a warewolf
92Believes Harry to be the Heir of slytherin but apologieses when Hermione is petrified
90Teaches Herbology at Hogwarts
89Least popular Hogwarts headmaster ever
89Checks if Harry is dead during the battle of Hogwarts
85Conductor on the knight bus
79Alleged goat charmer
77Author of a History of Magic
77Likes to take photos of Harry
76His son dies in the tri-wizard tournament
75First centaur to teach in the Hogwarts school
75Half Brother of Hagrid
73Breeds dogs at her home
73Tries out for gryffindor keeper unsucessfully
73Held prisoner in his own prison
72Gatekeeper of the gryffindor common room
70Creator of the Chamber of Secrets
68Leader of the Magical Law enforcement squad
68First student to be escorted out of Hogwarts before the battle of Hogwarts
68Voldemorts Grandfather
64Dumbledores pet phoenix
63Gardener for the Riddles
63Voldemorts Uncle
63Has a hollow named after him
62Wrote an abitury for Dumbledore following his death
60Rons small annoying owl
59The assitant to the Hogwarts caretaker
58Gryffindor Chaser
57Teaches care of magical creatures in Hagrids absense
56Gives fleur a tiara for the wedding
56His offices starts to rain
55Squib that owns lots of cats
54Swapped a horcrux for a fake replica
53Flying teacher at Hogwarts
51Part owner of a shop on knockturn alley
50Believes Harry sets a snake on him at the duel club
50Dumbledores sister
49Barmaid at the three Broomsticks
49Wand maker who claimed to own the elder wand
49Hagrids hairy pet
48Had spots the spelt sneak on her face
48Only ghost teacher at Hogwarts
48Called a tosspot by Ron, was a chaser for Hufflepuff
47Slytherin member of the slug club, his mother was widowed seven times
42Lured to Voldemort by Wormtail
41His hood fell off when cursed by Kingsley
40Slytherin Quidditch Captain
39Owns the safe house that Harry and Hagrid arrive at
36Tortured Nevilles parents
36Hagrids pet dragon
35Head judge at Harrys trial in the Order of the phoenix
34Driver of the knight bus
34Attacks Harry, Ron and Hermione in the cafe
33Was pushed into the vanishing cabinet by Fred and George
32Voldemorts mother
31Owned the philosophers stone
31On trial for being a muggle born witch when Harry stuns Umbridge
30Ravenclaw quidditch captain
30Argues with Firenze when Harry is riding on Firenze
30Voldemorts only living horcrux
28Owner of a diadem
27First obstacle defending the philosophers stone
27Set of shooting stars when Voldemort loses his powers
27Owned the cup of hufflepuff before she died
27Executioner for the minstry of magic
27Youngest son of Harry and Ginny
26Clumsy owl owned by the Weasley's
26Killed by Devils snare in St Mungos
26Dated Ginny before Harry
26Marries Neville Longbottom
26Owns the robe shop in Diagon Alley
25Spied for the death eaters and worked in the department of mysteries
24Barman of the leaky cauldron
24Only ghost that can control Peeves
23Tried to break into the department of mysteries whilst under the imperius curse
23Works in the magical maintenance department
23Head of the goblin-liason office
23Has an identical twin sister in Gryffindor
23Death eater that was defence against the dark arts teacher
23Takes over from the Fat Lady to the annoyance of many Gryffindors
23Led the charge of the centaurs in the battle of Hogwarts
22Replaced Pucey as a chaser on the slytherin team
22Dumbledores mother
21Matron at the orphanage Voldemort grew up in
21Subject of the biogrophy master or moron
20Managed the campsite at the quidditch world cup
20Katie Bells friend that was with her when cursed
20The minister for magic controlled by the death eaters
19Framed for killing her master
19Librarian at Hogwarts
19The ministry employee Harry impersonates
19Auror under the confundus charm
18Examined Dumbledore during his NEWT transfiguration exam
18Toad that always goes missing
18Voldemorts Father
18Trys to give Harry a love potion
18Leader of the centaurs in the forbidden forrest
17Falls into the lake and rescued by the giant squid
17Has Hermione in a headlock at the duel club
17Author of many childs tales
17Was a snatcher in the gang led by Fenrir
16Irish Seeker
16Female Irish Chaser
16Dudleys Friend who goes to the zoo
16Gryffindor Chaser that cries when Ron yelled at her
16Escorts the Dursleys to a safe place with Dedalus Diggle
16Impersonated by Hermione at the Ministry
16Sister of Amycus
15Has an immovable potrait at Number 12 Grimmauld Place
15Rescued by Harry in the second task
15Goblin put under the imperius curse by Harry
14Member of the Slug Club whose uncle invented the Wolfsbane potion
14Impressed that Hermione can use the Protean Charm
14Founder of Hogwarts who had a cup
14Eldest son of Harry and Ginny
13Referee of the quidditch world cup final
13Chaser that was replaced by Warrington
13Gurg of the giant colony
13Ministry of Magic examiner
13Apparation instructor for the ministry
13Part owner of a shop on knockturn alley
13Chosen by Harry to be a beater for Gryffindor
13Member of Tom Riddles gang at Hogwarts and slug club member
12Male Irish chaser
12Nevilles Grandmother

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