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What year is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Set
What year was Harry Potter born
What is nearly headless Nicks full name
How old was Dumbledore when he died
What animal would you have to kill to find a bezoar
What club did Eileen Prince captain
To enter the kitchen you must tickle which fruit
How many sickles in a galleon
What name does Harry use on the Knight bus
Who built and was then imprisoned in Nurmengard
Who holds the record for most quaffle drops in a season
How many muggles died after wearing the opal necklace
What is the first chapter in the Harry Potter series called
Which town is Bill and Fleur's cottage located
How long is Harry's wand
In what year did Ollivander's shop start making wands
Which family does Umbridge claim to be related
Which incantation puts a dark mark in the sky
What are the names of the three Peverell brothers
In which two european cities does Gladrags Wizard Wear have shops

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