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What Year was Dragon Breeding Outlawed
How Many Points did Ravenclaw have at the end of the First Year
Who is the First Person sorted in the Philosopher Stone
Which planet was bright when Harry was in detention in the Philosophers Stone
Which wizard does Harry turn into when they break into the Ministry of Magic in the Deathly Hallows
Who is the master of the elder wand after Dumbledore
What form does Kingsleys patronous take
What colour is Teddy Lupins hair in the photo Lupin shows Harry and Hermione
Shell cottage is on the outskirts of which town
Who is Royal on Potterwatch
What type of soup do Harry, Ron and Hermione get offered at the Lovegood's
What is the incantation that summons the dark mark
How long is Harrys Wand
What wood is Harrys wand made of
Which Pervell Brother owned the elder wand
When Harry, Ron and Hermione enter the shop Magical Menagerie what are the Rats doing
When did Ollivander start making wands
What is the business muggles see when they look at St Mungos
Other than London, where else does Gladrags Wizarding wear have a branch
Which family does Umbridge claim to be related to
Who placed the imperius curse on Pius Thicknesse

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