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QUIZ: Can you name the Finnish The Lyrics (punk-pop songs)?

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Lyrics To FinnishAnswers hintsss :P
you, you got me where you want cuz i'll do anything to please you just to make it through another yearsame song as #11 xD
pants on the ground, pants on the ground. lookin like a FOO with your pants on the ground. gold in your mouth62 year old old man that does the splits on American Idol.
Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rainsOwl City. and no its NOT fireflies(;
Love forever love is free Gorrilaz. demond days. (sp.?) OLD.SONG.
greggory kissed a dean and he (dis)liked itonly becca would get it. good luck losers.
baby i love you i never want to let you go the more i think about the more i want to let you know thatNSN
she slept safely in my armsby Mayday Parade
Lyrics To FinnishAnswers hintsss :P
yeah, im, ballin' out the sky without a Cobra Starship ft. B.O.B. (more than one word)
tonight has lasted long enough -the sun is comming out- from dusk till dawn we tear it up -the sun is comming out- i just want to hear your soundsSparks the rescue
girl who taught you how to move like thatForever The Sickest Kids
make it a sweet, sweet good-byeAll Time Low
I'll stay up waiting in the lobby 'till i see you there, one at at time up too our rooms(longish answer) the part after goes 'the elevator is building anticipation..'
F is for friends who do stuff togetherSpongebob ft. Plankton (just the next letter)

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