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Can you name the National Lacrosse League History?

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New York State team
New York State team
New York State team
New York State team
Pennsylvannia State team
Pennsylvannia State team
Pennsylvannnia State team
team plays in Denver
team plays in Ontario,Canada
Oakland NFL nickname and Hamilton Providence
2008 champion runnerup
Mickey Mouse's home and March of the
State of 1000 lakes and what bees do when they are mad
The devil went down to this state
Coyotes and Scorpion's tail
Captail of Ohio and a another word for bookie
Orginal team that drafted John Tavares
played in the Garden in Mass.
played in the TD Garden
played in the old garden in Mass. then changed team name
played in the Shark tank
was part of Ducks nation and nasty weather
played in US captail but need energy to play
orginal member of the old MILL
only title was in 2010
quote Edgar Allan Poe and this BC city
moves without notice
played in Alberta, only team to win a championship and then relocate the next year
newest relocated franchise
played in Uniondale
played in East Rutherford
played in East Rutherford
played in Mass.
once played in Pennsylvannia
you here this aftef lightning in ray lewis's city
played at MSG and then moved to Newark
Detroit Lions did this once

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